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Career Coaching

  • Career Coaching-its meant for junior/Middle/Senior level/Expatriate working professional.
      • A Career coach is a person that has been trained in helping other people develop their career goals.even if you are unsure your career goals,a career coach will work closly with you in order to help you determine where you would like your career to go and to develop a plan for achieving those goals.

      why should I hire Career Coach?.

        • To gain expertise in the areas of Career development and Career search processes.
        • To develop their brand through resumes,cover letters,interview,etc.
        • To learn new career management skills and techniques.
        • To find inspiration and get assistance with achieving a goal.
        • To develop a structure for the job search or a sense of accountability to finish tasks.
        • To obtain an objective opinion from someone who is neither a family member nor a friend and not directly impacted by the decision.
        • To receive assistance in exposing weaknesses in an area that will require learning new skills before taking the next step..
        • To understand how skills can translate from a current occupation/industry to other industry.
        • To learn how to demonstrate strengths in a certain area.
      A career coach can help with all of those things and much more

      Career Transition/Career Change/Career Crisis.

        • Career Transition.
        • Definition of Transition
        • Its is an internal shift within you.it means you have reached a point where it is time to let go of an assumption,self-image or dream.

      Career Transition is a process .

        • Career Transition.
        • They begin with an ending,develop into a neutral phase,and end with a new begining. in order to build anew,you need to dismantle and provide space in yourself and your life for the creative act of constructing a new career.A transition could be precipitated by an external changes.For example ,you could be laid off from work(more of a change),which could motivate you to step back from your busy life and assess if it is time to think about pursuing a latent passion/dream or shifting your work focus to have more meaning or balance for you.

        • Career Change
        • Its any external variation in your life such as a new job,company reorganization.A working career change definition is 'the movement of a person from one job group to another'....This career change definition also suggests that is a career change is a bigger shift than just a job change.To change direction completely often means that people need to learn new skills and abilities.

        • Career Crisis
        • it is no secret that mid-career is often associated with crisis,break,and change.Mid-career employees are more likely to question the meaning of their work ,the value of their company's mission,their job autonomy,contributions,and their relationships.