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Privacy Policy

  • This website is specifically prepared for mycareeridea.com and not for the websites linked through it.
  • The website provides holistic information about career, courses & education.
  • Beside content, there is data in the form of cookies and IP. It henceforth comes under the category of non personal identifiable data which also includes browsed history, queries, education interest, and date and time domain.
  • The contact form on the website is prepared to garner valuable information like user’s interest, his academic qualification and taste.
  • User needs no permission to visit to our website or to garner information related to specific course, college, institution and career. Likewise we have all the right to use the information provided by user in the form of e-mail, suggestion or in other form.
  • We have reserved the right to share data, information, collected through our channels. We are free to share this information with colleges, schools and academic institutions.
  • We are free to use this data to study current trend.
  • Testimonials or written document received through user would be our sole property and we can display it on our website without seeking permission.
  • The company reserves the right to use data, testimonials or information for customized mailer or newsletter.
  • The company may contact its visitors or users for feedback on new developments.
  • The company is free to add new information about course, education, career as per its convenience.

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