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About MyCareerIdea.Com

MyCareerIdea.com is the Daedalus that provides wings for your career while also focusing on your mental development. With 248 connected colleges, 158 connected schools and over 55 experts available for guidance, we render a career development plan which makes course selection easier for school students and college admission smooth for students pursuing undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) courses in India and abroad. We also build a road map for individual assessment with the help of experienced psychologist, career counselors, therapists, research scholars, doctors and clinical psychologists.
MyCareerIdea.com helps you finding out your true potential and interest by seeking you internally using different kinds of interventions, techniques, therapies & counselling process. MyCareerIdea provides you ease when you are struggling in choosing your next course. Either it may be the academic career or a professional one. MyCareerIdea is a pool that contains professionals with years of experience that's why we provide well researched solutions which brings students and parents under one roof.
MyCareerIdea use 3A Quality assurance service model to ensure you scientifically planned career. Our experts are bridge that leads you towards your desired career with unbiased solution and makes you aware about Career options that are available for you based on your interest and skills.

Our Benefits

  • We have Certified Counselors and Psychologists
  • Extensive researched career directory
  • Customized Psychological Assessment Test
  • 3A Quality Assurance Service Model


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Why MyCareerIdea

Expertise in Admission Guidence-India & Overseas.
Customised Psychometric Assessment for individuals And Groups
Certified Counselors Coaches & Trainers
3A Quality Assurance Service Model
Extensive Career Inventory
24/7 supports

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