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Two decades ago online career counseling was distant dream. People had to invest money and time to garner information. Today portal like "" has made things easy. This portal not only facilitates complete information about colleges and courses but it also helps students in choosing right career path.

With various colleges, universities and companies under one umbrella, the portal is enriching many students & job seeker’s lives, now without running around the colleges & companies, they are getting all the details aboutabout Career and job opportunities nationwide.

And it isn't all very soon this portal will reach to every nook and corner of the nation through its elaborated franchise program. "" is based on futuristic approach. Coming year will be amalgamation of technology and knowledge and the portal will leave no stone unturned to meet the expectations of future generation.

Company Profile is a complete career assistance company that focuses on both individual and organizational development. It shows the roadmap to those in need and helps them achieve their goals. Here at, various interventions and psychometric assessments are used to assess individuals. With a well-qualified panel of experienced career counselors, clinical psychologists and research scholars, we give efficient career counseling services to all those in need. We also provide admission guidance, for which we have professional admission counselors. We try to solve all the career-related problems and side by side work on improving the overall personality of our clients.

We apply different types of interactive techniques, therapies and counseling processes to fill the gap between the academic and professional world.

We provide services to schools, universities, corporate and individual learners as our motto is to reach every individual worldwide who are facing any kind of career confusion. provides expertise in services:-

One-to-One Counseling Session

Telephonic counseling

Assessment through standardized psychometric tests

Schools/Colleges Career Oriented Seminars/Workshops

Psychometric Assesment of Individuals

Corporate Training Programmes

Mentoring Programes

Career Coaching sessions

Personality building sessions

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