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NCERT to Evolve ‘Joyful’ Academic Calendar for CBSE Classes 1 to 12

Apr 7 2020 2:21PM

Keeping in mind the suspension of classes due to lockdown, the CBSE has asked the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) to develop an alternative academic calendar for classes 1 to 12. The chairman in her communique to the principal asserted that the calendar is being evolved to achieve learning outcomes in a joyful manner. “This calendar also proposes ways and means to use technology to aid and facilitate this process of learning,” the chairman stated.

The curriculum will be issued shortly and will be shared with the principals. The chairman has emphasized new trends of e-learning, mentioning, “It’s also the time to embrace technology – whether it is Internet-based or not. Group video calls, conference calls, simple voice calls can help in efficiently communicating with each other.”

“Online classes synced with the normal timetable that you simply follow while in school, without proper planning and preparation from teachers, parents, and students, may give more stress with none positive results,” the chairman commented in her letter to principals.

The schools are being suggested to follow digital learning platforms provided by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD). “Aside from the NCERT calendar, in these difficult times, teaching and learning can also continue with the help of comprehensive digital learning channels dedicated to providing curriculum-linked and curated content,” the chairman has asserted.

Though, the board has advised parents to make children aware of the misuse of online learning and content. “We would like to caution at this stage that while technology will be required to be used by the child for learning, at the same time, sensitize parents about the misinterpretation of information in various sites that can induce possible distress in children because of exposure to age-inappropriate content,” CBSE chairman replied.

The chairman has also recommended parents to involve children in household tasks. “The running of a kitchen is an immense learning resource,” she remarked. “Various places in our homes, especially the kitchens, remain the most underrated and underused place for a child’s cognitive, affective and psychomotor development. The kitchen is probably the best lab one has at home,” noted Karwal.

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