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DU: No Proposal to Promote 1st and 2nd Year Students Without Examinations

Apr 14 2020 4:51PM

The University of Delhi said that reports claiming that the varsity is considering a proposal to cancel semester exam for Ist and 2nd-year students are wrong. Dean of Exams Professor Vinay Gupta asserted, “that no such proposal has been sent to the Vice-Chancellor and these reports do not have any substance.”

Professor Gupta further continued that the central varsity will conduct exams, but the process and timing would depend on directions issued by the Human Resource Development Ministry.

Another DU administrator who didn’t want to named confirmed that no such discussion has taken place. “We are waiting for the nodal ministry to come up with directions. It can’t be that the UGC decides something and then we decide and then there’s a conflict,” he said, referring to the constitution of a seven-member committee by the UGC which is anticipated to come up with a contingency plan for universities.

The committee is awaited to provide its suggestions on an alternate academic calendar, the conduct of exams and vacations, among other tasks. It is expected to submit its report to the HRD ministry by 13 April.

Quoting an unnamed official, a report had previously said that senior officials of the central varsity have asked the Vice-Chancellor to think about the cancellation of examinations for the first and second year.

“Others have suggested that the examinations are difficult for all, so the first and second-year students should be passed on the basis of promotions or on the basis of prior evaluation. After this, it will not be a big challenge * to conduct the examination of third year students *,” the report asserted.

Though, the report added that idea is a mere suggestion and has not been sanctioned by the VC.

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