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Distance Education: Pros And Cons

26 Mar Posted by - Poonam Garg

Distance Education is a boon for thousands of students who seek higher education and is the top choice of working professionals wh....

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6 Benefits To Opt For A Career In Architecture

13 Feb Posted by - Poonam Garg

Don’t you get astonished by seeing mesmerizing infrastructure around you such as buildings, landscapes, complexes, hospitals, brid....

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Why Computational Thinking Is Beneficial For Children

31 Jan Posted by - Poonam Garg

In recent years, computational thinking has become the new buzzword. On examining the value of the skill, some educationists asser....

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13 Skills to Get your Dream Job

30 Dec Posted by - Ayushi Chawdhary

While giving an interview for a job one is aware that they need to convince their employer about their skills, abilities and relev....

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Top 6 Reasons Why Distance Education Is For You

23 Dec Posted by - Poonam Garg

It is high time that we need to remove the myths associated with Distance education that it is not as equal to that traditional me....

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10 Amazing ways To Polish Your Presentation Skills

9 Dec Posted by - Poonam Garg

Is your next presentation approaching? Take it easy as today I am here to help you with a few tips to polish your presentation ski....

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The most prestigious NEET Exam is under the grip of unscrupulous

25 Nov Posted by - Poonam Garg

NEET is a medical entrance exam conducted for admission to various UG courses (MBBS, BDS). As per GOI regulations, it is mandatory....

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Bursting your Misconception about Mindfullness

14 Nov Posted by - Ayushi Chowdhary

Mindfulness is a practice of bringing awareness to the present moment in an attitude of acceptance and non-judgment. One can pract....

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New Educational Policy, 2019

8 Nov Posted by - Ayushi Chowdhary

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has issued a blueprint of the New Education Policy, it has been envisioned as a complet....

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A comprehensive Guide to Achieving Mental Peace

6 Nov Posted by - Ayushi Chowdhary

The human mind resembles the oceans in its thought process. It so happens for most of us, the mind is continually moving, just lik....

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Coping up with Anxiety

2 Nov Posted by - Neha

Anxiety is generally the body physical response to fear. The symptoms might consist of: palpation, rapid breathing, sweaty palm, b....

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Importance of Mental Health Counseling

30 Oct Posted by - Neha

When we speak about mental health, there is usually a misconception regarding what it is and who it affects. First and foremost, m....

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Social Media on its bright side

25 Oct Posted by - Ankit

Social media enables interactions on a virtual platform in which one can create, share, and exchange their thoughts and ideas in v....

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12 Reason to study Abroad

21 Oct Posted by - Ayushi Chowdhary

Going to a foreign university for higher education has become a popular trend nowadays. Have you ever wished to venture abroad and....

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Tips to prepare for UGC NET Exam

18 Oct Posted by - Ankit

UGC NET is the test to qualify for the post of Assistant Professor or Junior Research Fellowship(JRF) or both in Indian colleges ....

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Importance of Career Counseling in Schools

17 Oct Posted by - Ayushi Chowdhary

Career counseling has been sought after since a very long time but it is only recently that it has received the acknowledgment tha....

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16 Oct Posted by - Neha

Workplace burnout is a syndrome connect to long-term, unresolved, work-related stress. According to WHO burnout arises from unsucc....

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How career counselors are on the front edges to combat student st

15 Oct Posted by - Poonam Garg

It won’t be a new concept to most readers that students everywhere encounter an inconceivable amount of stress throughout their co....

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14 Oct Posted by - Ankit

The thought is covert symbolic responses to stimuli that are either intrinsic (arising from within) or extrinsic (arising from the....

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Anger Management

12 Oct Posted by - Ayushi Chowdhary

Anger is a very common feeling that everyone experiences on a daily basis but when it gets out of control and destructive, it can ....

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11 Oct Posted by - Neha

Social media is an interactive platform that helps in the creation and sharing of information via virtual communities and networks....

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10 Oct Posted by - Ankit

Co-curricular exercises prior known as Extracurricular Activities are the segments of non-scholastic educational plan creates diff....

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9 Oct Posted by - Ayushi Chowdhary

Counseling can be defined as a professional relationship that empowers individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental heal....

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8 Oct Posted by - Ankit

Happiness is the feeling of joy, satisfaction or prosperity, combined with a sense that one life is meaningful and worthwhile. ....

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5 Oct Posted by - Ankit

Behavior is an aspect of the functioning of an organism, including their overt behavior, thought, emotion, and physiological activ....

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The Advantage of Internship in Accelerating Your Professional Lif

4 Oct Posted by - Neha

In the modern generation, everyone must have more practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge in their life. Because no one nee....

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3 Oct Posted by - Neha

Food blogging represents a complex connection of foodie or gourmet interest in cooking with those of blog writing and photography.....

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30 Sep Posted by - Neha

Distraction means diverting the Attention of the individual or group from a craving area of focus. Distraction makes focusing on a....

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27 Sep Posted by - Ankit

In this modern world, we need to take decisions in every phase of life like in education, career, relationships, etc. Any decision....

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26 Sep Posted by - Ankit

An entrance exam is an examination that conducts by educational institutions to select capable students for admission. Entrance Ex....

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23 Sep Posted by - Neha

Study effectively means learn smartly, which will help you in enhancing your efficiency in studies, Speed of learning is not only ....

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20 Sep Posted by - Neha

Autism spectrum disorder is a neurological development disorder that affects communication and behavior. It is said to be a develo....

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19 Sep Posted by - Ankit

Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective or may be viewed as the opposite of success. Th....

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18 Sep Posted by - Neha

The interview is an official meeting between people where questions are asked by the interviewer and answers are given by the int....

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16 Sep Posted by - Ankit

Learning disability is a type of disability which indicates limited ability in learning. Learning disabled children exhibit disord....

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11 Sep Posted by - Neha

Special Education (also known as Exceptional education, Aided education) is a branch of education that emphasizes learning and sup....

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How To Deal With Exams Stress

9 Sep Posted by - Ankit

Stress is your response to your pressure and while a small amount of pressure can be useful to keep you attentive during the exam ....

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How To Stay Motivated

4 Sep Posted by - M Khizar

We have all experienced a lack of motivation whether in our schools, colleges or in our workplaces. Negative thoughts from differe....

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The NMC Bill And All About It

26 Aug Posted by - Yukti Jindal

In a recent session at Rajya Sabha, a new bill called the NMC Bill has been passed by the members, the primary aim of which is to ....

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10 Most Famous And Highly Paid Professions

26 Aug Posted by - Yukti Jindal

There are many amongst us who want to know and discover about the career options that pay us well. After all, we all want to put o....

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Educational Counseling: A Mistaken Term

26 Aug Posted by - M Khizar

Imagine that you have succeeded in your career. You have a Penthouse in Delhi and Mumbai, several sports cars in your garage and a....

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Spending Your Gap Year In The Best Way

7 Aug Posted by - Yukti Jindal

Completing your 12th is a very exhilarating journey for every student. It is one big moment of change after which life does not re....

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From School to College What are the things that You Need to Remem

3 Aug Posted by - Kajal Dass

A student has a lot of expectations and hopes when it comes to college. Every student through movies, songs and web series ....

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How Past Experiences Shape The Career Choices Of A Person.

1 Aug Posted by - Kajal Dass

As an individual, our experiences start as early as we are born. Our early experiences include the things we hear, the things we s....

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scope of psychology in india

31 Jul Posted by - Manvi Patti

Should I choose Psychology as my career option? ....

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Tips To Calm Your Pre-College Nerves

31 Jul Posted by - Yukti Jindal

(Your one-stop guide to overcome the anxiety of entering a new college) ....

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31 Jul Posted by - Mansi Joshi


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MPhil OR PhD

29 Jul Posted by - Mansi Joshi

Most of us are stuck in a doubt, weather to go for Mphil or to choose PhD. Which field is more beneficial? To know the answers of ....

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Professional Degree or Academic Degree.Which is Better

27 Jul Posted by - Manvi Patti

When its that point round when you are looking out for forms seeking what to do next, most of us get perplexed when details of our....

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Passion Vs Strength -Which To Follow As A Career Path.

26 Jul Posted by - Kajal Dass

Every individual is passionate about something or the other. But it might be possible that an individual’s passion and his/her str....

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24 Jul Posted by - Kajal Dass

Choosing a career path or deciding a stream is always a difficult task in every student life.....

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Blog Writing- Importance and Tips to Become a Pro-Blogger

23 Jul Posted by - Yukti Jindal

Blogging has become a really important part of our digital world these days. We often find the internet filled with numerous blogs....

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Every stream has a scope

22 Jul Posted by - Manvi Patti

The tenth-grade results are out and they have made a buzz all around. You had truly buckled down throughout each and every day las....

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20 Jul Posted by - Mansi Joshi

Higher education plays a very important in every students life, it decide how his life is going to be in the future. ....

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Career Options Without Maths

19 Jul Posted by - Yukti Jindal

Every person has his/her own set of abilities and strengths. This is what makes us unique and different from everyone around us. ....

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Career counselling in India- Problems and The Proper Way Ahead.

18 Jul Posted by - Kajal Dass

Career counselling in India is not well developed and the field, in general, it is only considered for those who have an abnormal....

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Tips To Make A Better Career Decision

17 Jul Posted by - Yukti Jindal

There are many moments in everyone’s lives when you have to make choices between many things. The anxiety and distress before thes....

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Changing stream after 12th- what to do

16 Jul Posted by - Yukti Jindal

Career is very important in every individual’s life. It is an important part of their identity and represents who they are. It giv....

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Physiotherapy an emerging field

16 Jul Posted by - Nikita Dabas

Physiotherapy is a field of medical care that helps the patient with the help of different – 2 physical activities like massage, e....

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15 Jul Posted by - Mansi Joshi

Career counseling is counseling or mentoring/coaching on issues related to an individuals career. Choosing an appropriate career i....

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Dilemma after 10th standard

15 Jul Posted by - TEAM

What are the dilemmas that are faced by students after 10th? One once said, “All the career is equally lucrative if you have a pa....

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Elderly Counselling

12 Jul Posted by - Deepshikha Singh

In our society, when it comes to human life stages, people generally focus on childhood, adolescence and adult life and the strugg....

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1 Jul Posted by - Yukti Jindal

In order to stay healthy at all times in life, it is very necessary for a person to maintain their physical health. However, one o....

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Higher education in India Problems related to the teaching styles

21 Jun Posted by - Kajal Dass

Education in India specially higher education has many problems the major problem that is the most visible in the education system....

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Financial problem for Higher education in India

20 Jun Posted by - Nikita Dabas

Financing is the most important issue in higher education in India, as India is a developing country, if we leave few wealthy peop....

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Counselling and Elderly Counselling

20 Jun Posted by - Deepshikha Singh

Geriatric counseling also known as gerontological counseling helps the old people and their family to help with the issues related....

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Workplace Counseling

20 Jun Posted by - Nikita Dabas

Workplace Counseling is an employee support intervention that is usually short term in nature and provides an independent, special....

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18 Jun Posted by - Mansi Joshi

First of all to understand rehabilitation counseling we should know what REHABILITAION is “Rehabilitation is bringing someone back....

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Understanding Of Child Psychology At School Level 1

17 Jun Posted by - Team

School is a second home for children. Generally, they spend approximately 12 to 18 years of an early stage that is the foundation ....

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Impact of Personality in Individuals development

10 Jun Posted by - Team

Personality can be acquired from hereditary, nurture, environment, culture, society, etc. Personality can be modified by the chang....

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Gap in implementation of Guidance & Counseling programme in India

10 Jun Posted by - Team

Guidance and education are related to each other integrally, then it can be said that major lapses in implementation in process of....

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Psychological Assessment vs Psychological Testing

10 Jun Posted by - Team

Psychological assessment is a process that involves the integration of information from multiple sources, such as tests related to....

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Understanding of Child Psychology at school level

10 Jun Posted by - Team

School is a second home for children. Generally, they spend approximately 12 to 18 years of an early stage that is foundation age ....

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23 May Posted by - Gauri Tomar

India is populated country. We have many religions and cultures to follow. Choosing a job or profession comes from family backgro....

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Parents Guidance for Study Abroad for their Children

5 Apr Posted by - Gauri Tomar

Its dream of every parent to give best education for their children. From nursery to primary school, its responsibility of a m....

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