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13 Skills to Get your Dream Job 
Date:  30 Dec 2019
Posted By - Team

While giving an interview for a job one is aware that they need to convince their employer about their skills, abilities and relevant experience in the field that they are seeking a job in. However one needs to consider one fact that generally, people ignore. Does one have the right personality for the job?

Most of the job seekers wish to come across a secret formula to impress their employers and enchant them with their skills and knowledge. While most of the employers are seeking a certain technical skillset in their probable employee, apart from that they seek certain skills that are generic for all types of jobs.

A lot of people possess these skills to some extent but those who don’t can undergo mentoring, corporate training or coaching for the areas that they are weak in.

Once you recognize these skills you can use them to your advantage for getting your desired job. Let’s see what they are:

  1. Good Communication Skills:

  2. The utmost important skill that an employer looks for in an employee is the ability to effectively communicate their ideas be it verbally or in writing. The ability to listen is also an important aspect of good communication so one must not ignore that.

  3. Analytical Skills:

  4. This skill is associated with a person’s problem-solving ability, the capacity of an individual to carry out an evaluation of the situation, look for a number of prospects, wherever required gather information and identify the main concerns which have to be looked into. Aside from the capacity to analyze, one should also be able to prioritize, plan and organize in an efficient way.

  5. Technical Skills:
  6. The majority of the jobs these days need the applicants to own some primary knowledge of software and hardware of the computer, especially email, spreadsheets, and word processing. The candidate needs to be computer literate with software skills that are extensive and comprises a considerable number of applications. The advanced technical skills nevertheless vary from work to work.

  7. People Skills:
  8. People skills, otherwise known as interpersonal skills are used for interacting and engaging with people. The capacity of a person to relate to their co-workers, drive others to participate with problem-solving and reduce conflict with co-workers is crucial in considering the hours people give in the office every day. Thus, the candidate needs to be a proven relationship-builder owning interpersonal skills that are unprecedented.

  9. Adaptability and Flexibility:

  10. The capacity for multitasking or working on many tasks in a relaxed manner is considered to be essential for success. An applicant has to be a team worker who is flexible and has the potential to grow in the environments that require the capability to prioritize as well as balance a number of projects in an effective manner.

  11. Leadership Skills:

  12. The enthusiasm along with the ambition of taking responsibility to deliver outcomes is leadership. Employers usually like to hire people who are willing to work for a long period in their organizations. The majority of the aspects of leadership can be acquired, hence, employers hope to form masterminds who are progressive rather than hiring employees who are stagnant. The employers want every job seeker to have the scope for growth so that over the years they will be in rank to formulate their own winning teams.

  13. Attitude:

  14. Attitude is very important if not everything. Companies ordinarily look for workers who are confident and stay positive even in situations that are challenging as well as stressful. They wish to hire those candidates who are adaptable, dedicated and prepared to tender extra augmentations to get the work done. Candidates who are hired are the ones who occupy enthusiasm and drive and also exhibit this enthusiasm in their words and action.

  15. Team Oriented:

  16. Such people are able to fit in a clear way within the confines of the corporate culture of the organization and have the capability of delivering a dynamic factor to the meetings which embrace debates and eventually result in implementing solutions to the problems. Irrespective of the jobs, employers ordinarily look for selecting those applicants who are team players and work well with others.

  17. Creative Problem Solving:

  18. This skill is mainly associated with the ability to find solutions to the issues and problems that exist by the use of innovation, creativity, past experiences and reasoning with the help of the resources and the information that are available. A sought after candidate will be an innovative problem solver and be able to settle complaints and generate solutions that are workable. All of the accomplished organizations prosper due to innovation, they constantly seek candidates who can work autonomously and formulate new and innovative ways of completing tasks that are old.

  19. Self Confidence:

  20. If an applicant does not believe in themselves even after possessing a distinctive blend of abilities, education, and skills, it is hard for a prospective employer to trust them. During an interview, a candidate has to be confident about the benefits that they can offer to their employers. Thus, the candidate needs to be confident and exhibit a commitment to attain excellence.

  21. Intelligence:

  22. Intelligence marks the capacity of the candidate to plan, organize, set priorities, solve problems and get work done. It is the level of common sense that an individual owns and their practical ability to deal with the day to day challenges at work.

  23. Competence:

  24. Competence is remarkably vital for everything that is related to your career. It is connected to the capacity of the person to get the work done. It is also the person’s ability to set priorities and separating the tasks that are relevant from the ones that are irrelevant and then put in single-minded attention until the work is finished. Competent job seekers will attain a profit on investment for the organizations they work for and need minimal supervision from their superiors.

  25. Decisive:

  26. Employers like to hire employees who can make decisions that are tough. They have the potential to analyze their available options, along with pitfalls that they might confront those events in a quick as well as an efficient manner and on the grounds of that take a firm call.
Although, the employers do not require a person to have all these traits the closer one can get to the perfect score, the higher the chances of receiving an offer for the job. At we offer complete career assistance, including career counseling, mentoring, life coaching and corporate training. For more details log on to our website or call us @ 9999613181.


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