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9 Ways to Enhance Self-learning at Home 
Date:  10 Apr 2020
Posted By - Team

We all are currently spinning around a situation where we feel stuck at home, as the school and colleges are suspended.

But we can’t let our learning get dwindled by any circumstances.

And this period is unexpectedly an amazing opportunity for self- learning where we are not bound to waking up at 6 AM and rushing for the college or school.

Self-learning allows us to learn at our own pace and liberty to follow some extra sources as well which we are unable to do in a class- structured routine.

So in this blog, we recommend 9 best ways for self-learning which will help you master any topic, skill or chapter efficiently are:-

  • Create a studying environment
  • Since at home you don’t have a classroom to keep you focused, you have to create your own studying space. It’s vital to organize a desk for that purpose. Get a comfortable chair, a laptop, books, and notebooks and all other essential things for reading. As soon as you sit on that chair, your mind will be mentally prepared to stick to the purpose of learning. And it's important to set up a study environment free from any distraction caused by any kind of noise or chit-chat of the people around.

  • Follow a timetable
  • Self-learning is a commitment to self. For that just like you follow a timetable in school or college, you need to now have a routine in place. So create a timetable for yourself that you would have followed if you were in class. Self-learning requires a lot of discipline. And the advantage of a timetable or a fixed schedule is that it keeps your routine structured and you on track. In fact, you could decide deadlines for your tasks and better set alarms on your phone.

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  • Highlight the Important Concepts
  • The human mind is not designed in such a way that it can remember everything you come across while reading. So it will be good to highlight the important piece of information that you can refer to sometime in the future. For this you can use a highlighter of different colors for a physical book, bookmark feature on your e-reader source, and can download a note-taking app on your phone. Encountering information slightly in different contexts improves our memory.

  • Plan short study sessions
  • Staring at your books or computer for a long time can have an adverse impact on your body and mind. Don’t treat your study session like a marathon, break them up into a sequence of short sessions separated by shorter breaks. In this way, your brain can retain more information easily. Taking 10-15 minutes breaks after every session will help in recharge and come back more focused.

  • Don’t forget to prepare notes
  • Preparing notes of the important points is an essential way to internalize the knowledge that you are acquiring as you study. Also, you can review the notes later and make sure you are prepared for the exam time ahead. If you prefer the digital mode, you can create notes on your phone, tablet or laptop as well. Research studies, however, have shown that preparing notes manually triggers muscle memory as well and encourages you to remember better.

    For this, you can also use ‘Penzu’ or another online journal that will keep your notes private, or utilize other methods of digitizing your study notes.

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  • Find what works for you
  • Everyone has a different learning style and it is important to adjust studying techniques to find what fits for your brain. Some students find reading aloud helpful, others like preparing handwritten notes would help in retention rather than typing. Discover whatever works best for you, and remain glued to it.

  • Join online communities of learners
  • Today various social media channels provide useful information to the students. If You don’t want to study in isolation, you can join LinkedIn groups, sub-reddit communities, and Facebook groups that will connect you to people you can learn from.

    You will find like-minded people having similar interests there who can aid you in resolving concepts through group discussion. But one thing is necessary that you join a group full of knowledgeable people. So for that, we would recommend you taking a few weeks to check out different groups that are filled with actual experts or professionals.

  • Get adequate Sleep
  • Sleep is the most important factor which can disrupt a student’s learning schedule. Getting enough sleep is important to help your mind recharge and have the energy needed to stay on track the next day. The main reason why sleep is so important is that it improves the immune system, boosts metabolism and brain functionality. Use your master schedule to set a bedtime and to mark a cut-off time for homework each night.

  • Try different mediums of learning
  • Don’t limit yourself to a single source of knowledge; make sure to experiment and benefit from the information in all forms. For that, You can even listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos on various topics, which are usually free. Students can read relevant articles, journals, and books, e-newspaper, watch TV documentaries, attend webinars, and get college/university textbooks from the niche of their interests. Go for those mediums which inspire you the most.

    Few recommended best online learning platforms: -
    1. CTCDC
    2. Udemy
    3. Skillshare
    4. edX

    To reap the maximum benefits of any learning experience, self-studying is the most useful tool as it can lead you to new opportunities professionally and academically. Utilize all the available resources around you and excel in your desired field.

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