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From School to College What are the things that You Need to Remember 
Date:  3 Aug 2019
Posted By Kajal Dass

A student has a lot of expectations and hopes when it comes to college. Every student through movies, songs, and web series gets to know so much about college life but the thing that needs the utmost attention is every student college life is indeed different and everyone has their own ups as well as downs.
As soon as a student passes their 12th grade he/she is indeed very excited for the absolutely new life. As students know that they will be experiencing something that is absolutely new they have many high expectations from their college as well as from their own selves also.

What are the things that a student must remember before entering college?

Each and every student has many dreams about their college soon after they complete school and get their board results, but when it comes to deciding and entering college there are some very crucial things that need to be considered by every student, and these are as follows.


  • A student should fill the forms of the colleges beforehand, and with complete care as these forms are the first step to the admission in a college. So a student must look for the details about the forms of the different colleges, when will the form be released and what is the last date. This step helps the student to be well aware of the forms and gives enough time to them to decide and fill this also.

  • The student should also remember that it is indeed very important to be clear about whatever course they want to opt-in college. And if any student faces problem in deciding their career path and has confusions in deciding their course in college they can seek career counseling. Companies like provide career counseling to students as well as professionals to guide them to choose a career path that suits them the best and complements their interest. Aptitude and personality.

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  • The student should keep his/her documents ready for the admission procedure so that he/she can be stress-free and can concentrate on the other procedures at the time of their admission. The documents generally include-:

  • Marksheets of class 10th and 12th.Self-attested by the candidate.
    Provisional certificate provided by the school.
    Self-attested photographs of the candidate.
    SC/ST/OBC certificate- to be self-attested. (if any)
    Scanned signature of the candidate.
    Print out of the college form filled by the candidate.

  • If the student is ready with all these documents beforehand they will be free form all the stress that is normally encountered by students as well as their parents during their admission.

  • The other things that need to be considered are the technical gadgets that the student has, it is generally more preferable if the student has an android phone as most of the communication that happens in college is through the various WhatsApp groups that are created and if the student does not have WhatsApp ready with him/her, they may have a hard time knowing and adjusting in college.

  • It is always advisable to have a laptop and know a little about powerpoint presentations and how to present and conduct themselves. If the student is asked to give presentations as a part of assignments.

  • It is always better to know about the college that you enrol yourself into so that you get to know about the different societies that the college has as well as the ratings of the college on different areas.

  • Every student also wishes to do a lot of shopping and completely change their wardrobes. When it comes to starting of their college journeys, it is better to know whether or not the college has any dress codes or not so that the student can shop accordingly. so that whatever they but they can actually use that in their day to day lives of college. As some of the colleges mainly the government colleges have many strict dress codes so it is better to know about these things before going shopping.

  • Every student college journey is indeed different and this is what makes it the best.Moving to a completely new environment can be a little difficult but at the end of the day with the support of our friends. Family and teachers we all cross this path of life as well.

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