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Date:  11 Sep 2019
Posted By Neha

Special Education (also known as Exceptional education, Aided education) is a branch of education that emphasizes learning and support to Special needed children. It includes:- Autism spectrum Disorder(ASD), Hearing Impairment(HI), Visual Impairment(VI), cerebral palsy, Locomotor Disability, acquired brain injury, mental health condition, intellectual disability.

There is a vast difference between Special education and Special needs education. Special Education is required for those students who have Learning Difficulties. Special Need is all about Education disability linked with Body, Brain, Senses being wired.

Why It Is Necessary?

  • Special Education is necessary because every child is unique in their own way and everyone has an equal right to education.

  • disability-is-not-an-obstacle-to-success

  • Special Educators can teach their peer group and other students also, how to behave with Children with special needs because they have a problem in socialization. By educating others about disability, it removes uncertainty and fear.
  • Special education helps both the average student and exceptional students in special schools.
  • Special education helps teachers to implement new strategies, ideas, tools and techniques in educational settings.

When its need Arise?

  • When the child has difficulties in coping up with the environment such as difficulty in adaptation physically or mentally(Problem in walking, Fear of height and so on.)
  • When the child has many sensory issues like hand flapping, temper tantrum, headbanging, crying.
  • When the child has much unusual behavior such as avoiding eye contact, inappropriate body language, inappropriate facial expression, gets up frequently.

How Schools can help students with special needs?

  • By making a barrier-free environment such as making ramps, installation of lifts, installation of information board in braille, use of contrasting of the color arrangement, layout diagram to help the person easily reach the desired place.
  • By providing knowledge to parents school staffs such Teachers and other staff members (includes teaching and non-teaching staff)
  • Use music and voice inflection.
  • Give students opportunities to succeed.
  • Providing Aids and other assistive devices
  • Provide different types of therapy such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, Behavioural therapy, sensory integration therapy, etc.
  • By understanding, child Psychology like child behavior helps in decreasing the temper tantrum.

Awareness of special education is very necessary because with the help of this we should get to know that what is the problem with children with special needs and how we serve them a better environment, and how to fulfill their needs. Special education is a good platform for knowing the strength and weaknesses of special students. With the help of special education child’s behavior issues are also come in knowledge and relevant help is being provided to the child with special needs.



  • Educate yourself about the needs of your children.
  • Consider as a therapist of your child because no one can give the best therapy as you can give.
  • Talk to your child as much as possible.
  • Develop your network with other parents
  • Take your child to parks, for shopping, cinema halls because it can help in improving their social skills.
  • Always keep in mind that you are not alone.
  • Spare time to enjoy with your kids.

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