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The most prestigious NEET Exam is under the grip of unscrupulous elements 
Date:  25 Nov 2019
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What is NEET:

NEET is a medical entrance exam conducted for admission to various UG courses (MBBS, BDS). As per GOI regulations, it is mandatory to qualify NEET to get admission in medical colleges in India and Abroad.

Many students aspire to crack this one of toughest so to secure the most bright career as a doctor. The NEET exam aims to reduce the financial and mental strain on medical competitors, deter malpractices like capitation fee and make sure merit remains the single criterion for admissions.

But the country’s medical education sector is Jam-packed with scammers. In 2017 a scam was revealed how candidates scoring single-digit marks or negative marks get enlisted as NEET qualifiers. Even NTA (National Testing Agency) has also stopped giving marks in individual subjects releasing on percentile score.

But data collected by TOI show single-digit percentile scorers in Chemistry and physics got admission into MBBS.

In the below table, we can notice that a student whose score was 1.7 percentile in physics got admission in private medical college. This implies that 98.3 of students who wrote NEET scored higher than him in Physics.

Previous Year Data

Approx NEET rank (in Lakh) NEET Marks (Out of 720) Percentile NEET scores
---- ---- PHY CHEM BIO
2.22 323 1.7 42.8 98.3
5.31 178 4.9 2.6 76.9
5.44 174 10.6 6.9 73.9
6.26 151 8.1 14.5 67.5
6.68 141 62.7 2.2 60.1
6.89 137 75.7 70.7 32.8
7.42 125 9.3 6.9 61.1
7.48 124 9.3 5 61.4
7.72 120 10.6 72.6 40.2
8.14 112 41.3 41.3 42.1
Last year State medical education administrators stopped putting out roll numbers and DOB of candidates in the list of admitted students so that no one could check their marks. Yet again from the data of 2018 admission once again it has been on the surface that Zero or negative marks scorers are becoming doctors.

NTA officials also stated that the decision to not give marks was because zero and negative marks gave a poor impact especially when such students got admission.

Apart from this, in an investigation, it is also found that slots are already booked by low-ranking aspirants in an exchange for a heavy bribe. It is really pathetic for those underprivileged students who have academic talent but legged behind due to financial constraints.

In India, many colleges’ names fall under the list of who are indulging in malpractices and pretend that they maintain transparency in every management. But students must take close scrutiny before they take admission.

We strongly would like to recommend all students and guardians don’t be a victim of such false institutions who are baseless and could lose their affiliation anytime. And action could also be initiated against those who are taking admission by fraudulent means.

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