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Distance Education: Pros And Cons 
Date:  26 Mar 2020
Posted By - Team

Distance Education is a boon for thousands of students who seek higher education and is the top choice of working professionals who want to complete their studies while being on their job.

It is in high demand in the current scenario by those who are not able to afford the fees of full-time regular college. Distance learning bridges the gap between aspirants and education and thus helps them to fulfill their career aspirations.

Today a number of institutions and online portals offer distance learning in various fields of studies like science, arts, business, and education. And students can pursue their desired course from top UGC affiliated universities and colleges.

If you are someone who is thinking to pursue your distance education to push their academic career ahead, Below we have listed some pros and cons of distance education which will help you to make the right decision.


Learn While Earn:

Distance education helps students to pursue their study dreams while on a sharp 8 hours job. This is the biggest reason uncountable students and professionals every year enroll themselves in various distance learning courses. It helps them obtain a degree certificate while getting job experience.

Flexibility Of Time and Space:

You can complete your course curriculum form anywhere and anytime. As distance education does not require a physical presence in a classroom, it gives you the flexibility of studying from your comfort in the bedroom and while commuting from workplace to home regardless of any specific timings. You can even access your syllabus from your phone or tablet, as several universities offer online tutorials.

Cost-Effective Education:

Many courses like Distance MBA, B.Com, BBA, B.A can be pursued without spending a huge amount of money. These popular distance learning courses help learners acquire knowledge and thereby secure lucrative jobs in their respective fields. In this manner, distance learning cuts down many expenses like hostel, mess and commuting charges which are required in regular college.

Higher-Level Course Curriculum With Wider Recognition:

Almost all the top distance universities have the same curriculum as prevailed in regular institutions. Both regular and distance learning degrees have equal validation with wider job opportunities in the private & government sectors.


No Personalized Attention:

Many students consider the lack of interaction of students with professors the biggest pitfall of distance learning. In distance learning, you will have no access to real facetime with your professors. Although you could note down your doubts and approach your professors on a fixed appointment, any sort of urgency will require you to make a special trip to the university. This also mostly depends on the availability of your professors in the faculty at that time.

Less Accountability:

Despite obtaining distance learning degrees from accredited institutes there are still few companies who prefer to recruit regular college graduates instead of those who have pursued correspondence studies. Generally, it is observed that distance learning courses are too basic and not with any practical or professional skills. One has to become enough skilled, knowledgeable and competitive to get good job opportunities.

Deprivation Of Motivational Factors:

In the traditional way of learning, students get the chance to discuss things with their peers’ group which provides them a more thriving environment. But in distance education, they don’t get the same kind of interaction with their fellow colleagues. So the absence of this type of motivational factor puts students in low esteem and can be unfavorable for many of them.

Lack of Campus Life:

In Distance learning, it is not easy to build the most cherished dream by youngsters "squadforlife". You may have very fewer interactions with your classmates, but almost no interactions with them at college events or social gatherings. From cultural events to inter-college games, from prom nights to graduation you might feel segregated or miss out from the activities associated with campus life.

To a larger extent distance education has more its brighter sides providing hassle-free education devoid of any constraints of time, place, and money factor also.

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