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Date:  8 Jun 2020
Posted By - Team

Are you still wondering to take humanities or not? People are usually not in favor of taking humanities as a stream since it has very few options and doesn't bring a lot of financial stability. And even if, by some miracle they do something, they will end up working in a museum or a school, living under the crushing debt of their student loans for the rest of their humanities-ridden life. But is it true?

Of course not! Humanities is a very diverse and varied stream. It provides an individual with a lot of opportunities and career options to excel in and be successful. Career in humanities or arts are no less than that of studying science or commerce. They are as important and lucrative as their medical and commerce counterparts.

Presenting here is a list of opportunities you can get while taking humanities:

  • Psychology
  • Isn't it exciting to know about the human mind? Why people indulge themselves in certain behavior? Why do we feel in a certain way? The answer to all these questions comes from psychology. Psychology is a scientific study of the human mind and behavior. It is a great career choice as the demand for Psychologists is increasing day by day. Psychology can be applied to various fields like hospitals, schools, health, sports, organizations, etc. as Counselors, Clinical Psychologists, Child Psychologists, HR managers, lecturers, Life Coaches, Research Analysts, Substance Abuse Counselors, Family Therapists, Criminal Psychologists and so on.

  • Law
  • Another most successful career option for humanities students is law. Law requires a lot of problem-solving and reasoning skills that are very much present in students taking up Arts. Students here can provide legal advice to various companies, NGOs, etc and keep them out of any legal disputes. They can also fight cases in court, work in Law Firms, provide corporate counselor or become a lecturer in law schools. Many law graduates also choose their specialization/ area of work from different options like Tax Laws, Intellectual Property Rights, International Human Rights, Civil Law, Criminal Law, etc.

  • Archeologist
  • If you love knowing about the past world, archeology is something that you'll learn. Here, you have the opportunity to explore and dig up artifacts from the ground and collect information. It includes studying inscriptions, manuscripts, old currency and preserving information through proper documentation of evidence. An individual can also work towards Art Conservation and Restoration. Here the person's work involves preserving hundreds of year's old artwork, sculptures and manuscripts.

  • Mass communication and journalism
  • Mass communication is the process of conveying relevant information to a large number of people through various means like TV, radio, newspaper and in today's technological world through various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Journalism being the sub-unit of mass communication, involves analyzing, and presenting news/facts and information to the public. This opens a lot of options like content writing and editing, advertising, event management, etc. You can also work with various media production houses for creating documentaries, videos, or short clips which could be covering an interview, social message, or just for entertainment purposes.

  • Design
  • If you feel like you are a person who loves creating and conveying a new idea, this is one of the career options for you. Design, in itself, is a very broad and diverse field that involves fashion designing, interior designing, graphic designing, product designing, animation, jewelry designing, etc.

  • Gender studies
  • This is a very new and growing field in today's world. This course helps in making people aware of the importance of gender equality. It helps to collect opinions and facts of present-day and bring them to people's attention to make them aware of the issues related to gender. People here can work in various NGOs, counseling, educational institutes, etc. Moreover, work is provided as a writer/ editor in various blogs, journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. on such issues.

  • Hotel management and tourism
  • A career in hotel management and tourism is best if you love hotels and hospitality. It requires a person to understand how hotels work and manage. It includes the front desk work, catering, housekeeping, hospitality marketing strategy, and so much more. You can work in hotels, restaurants, various transport places like railways and airlines etc. there are various departments like front office work, meetings and event management, food department etc.

  • Civil services
  • It is one of the most courageous career options as this is something that shows your patriotism towards the country. It allows you to serve for the nation you live in. Here, you have the power and authority to make sure the various laws are implemented effectively. The responsibilities differ, following the post you are given such as IPS, IAS, IFS, etc. An individual needs to have a graduation degree from any field, following which UPSC examination should be cleared.

    As an individual it is very important to make an informed decision to choose our career path. We need to explore as much as we can to see our various options available. These are just a few options that are being told. There are various other fields like social media director, photographer, criminology, HR manager, museum curator and so many more. Now as you can see such a long list of career options available in Humanities, I am sure you are never going to say, "Humanities has very limited scope" ever again! is a platform that can help you to find if you have those skills and traits that are required to pursue a career in engineering. It is a vast area with various disciplines in itself. You can visit for any queries and contact us anytime if you have any queries regarding this career.

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