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Class 11th-12th

Career Solution Program for 11th-12th Standard Students

Why Professional Career Counselling For 11th and 12th Students?

Students face a great dilemma about what to choose after 12th in their specific stream. Even though they do not know the fact that there are almost 25000+ courses they can pursue after 12th standard. The need to meet the Professional Career Counselor before passing the 12th standard is a must. So that they can get the best Career guidance and can get aware of the opportunities lies ahead for them. The students who do not opt for Career opportunities near them follow a herd mentality or taking the course which is most popular or selecting course on their parents' advice or simply follow their friends without thinking about their interests and what are the opportunities available regarding it. Finding the best admission Consultants in Delhi for UG courses and other Career opportunities is the wisest decision for them to choose for their betterment. Students must carefully select the particular stream for better career prospects instead of blindly opting one. Thus that is where MyCareerIdea will guide you. We bring you the best Career Counselor who can make you realize and evaluate your abilities. So that you can choose Career options that suit you.

How Our Best Career Consultancy is Helpful?

For 11th and 12th Standard Students:

  1. Our certified Career guidance counselor helps you in evaluating your true potential using various Psychometric, Interest, Aptitude and Personality test.
  2. After proper analyzation of students tests according to students ability, interest, talents, and personality.
  3. Our certified Career counselor will provide students accurate insight into career options that will help students broaden their minds for various other opportunities available to them.
  4. Our professional Career counselor will provide you information about various entrance exams you can sit for based on your eligibility or what other options you have.
  5. We not only provide wholesome information about A-Z colleges in India but also provide detailed information about Career options available abroad based on students interest.
  6. Our professional Career counselor will boost up your morale by showing you ‘What opportunities lies ahead for you’ and help you in inculcating confidence & motivation.

Here is our range of psychometric tests(For class 11th &12th)

  • Ideal Career test
  • Commerce Career selector test
  • Humanities Career selector test
  • Engineering branch selector

Subject & Stream Decider Provide customized assessment and guidance to help students in stream/subject selection for better career fitment.


Rs. 0 /-

  • Basic Interest Assessment
  • 15 Minutes in-depth information of all career
  • 15 Minutes in-depth information of all entrance exams
  • 15 Minutes in-depth information of all scholarships


Rs. 3000 /-

    Initiator +
  • Career Interest Assessment
  • Personality Trait Assessment
  • Aptitude Trait Assessment
  • Intelligence Assessment
  • Suitable Stream Selection
  • One2One Counseling Session
  • 1-month query support from experts


Rs. 5000 /-

    Pioneer +
  • Course selection
  • Career Planning with shortlisted course
  • College Selection
  • 1-year query support from experts

Super Advanced

Rs. 7500 /-

    Pioneer +
  • Course selection
  • Career Planning with shortlisted course
  • College Selection
  • College Admission Support
  • 1-year query support from experts

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