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Class 8th-10th

Career Solution Program for 8th-10th Standard Students

Classes 8-10th are very important in any student’s life. They have a newfound realization of being a senior and start taking things in life more seriously. They are usually made to believe that these classes are very important for their excellent career growth. It is generally because of this recently encountered pressure that they feel stuck up and stressed. Getting career guidance at this right time is a bravo step for a student’s excellent career growth. Professional career guidance from the 8th standard helps students to concentrate and focus on subjects they earlier didn’t like. Not only that, many times students find interest in various subjects like- Geography, History, Economics, mathematics and much more. But usually, both parents and students are unaware of the possible career prospects in each of these subjects because of a lack of knowledge.As a result, parents force students to pay more attention to subjects which they think have career opportunities. Our Career Consultancy in Delhi thinks differently; we believe every subject that is taught in schools carries career opportunities only if students are interested in that subject and want to explore it more. MyCareerIdea, the Career Consultancy in Delhi is specialized in providing early Career guidance to students for their strong Career foundation. MyCareerIdea masters in school counseling offer Career Counseling for class 8th to 10th standard students and help parents to find out the area of interest & capabilities of their child.

Why early career counseling is important for your teen!

Planning early provides your teen just the right momentum, much in the same way an early waker gets goods extra three-four hours a day. An early Career Counseling helps parents to understand the inborn intelligence, character traits and core potential their children acquire.

Getting early counseling on the educational field helps
  • Students to know which subjects appeal to them.
  • Career options are available for them in their above subjects.
  • After getting Career guidance from MyCareerIdea they can easily shortlist Career options which appeal to them & can choose the best.
  • Once they decided their path, all they need to do is just work honestly and use 100% determination to achieve the goal.
  • MyCareerIdea is always there for students to guide them on their path of success.
  • Even when students want to change their Career path, MyCareerIdea will provide them the best Career Opportunities they can opt for.

World of work is waiting for adolescents and MyCareerIdea consultancy is successfully assisting young students through the Career Planning process and helping these young lads clearing out what they actually need in their lives.

Step-by-step Educational counseling for 8th to 10th standard students

At MyCareerIdea, our certified Career counselors with years of experience plan young students future with self-assessment and career discovery tests. Our best counselors in Delhi believe the right time to plan for any Career is 8th, 9th, and 10th class. Students can start by learning about what interests them the most which one day can lead you to a Career. Our Career assessment tests help you understand what career is the best match based on your interests and aptitude.

The step-by-step Career counseling process involves:

Career exploration: Our expert counselors help students in exploring various Career opportunities in order to make students aware of all the available options that are available to them on the basis of their interest.

Know yourself: Our expert uses psychometric tools to help students in mapping their abilities, personality traits as well as an area of interest. Thus helping students in boosting their confidence by enabling them to discover their inner talent and potential.

Find the right fit: MyCareerIdea counselors help students to surface their potential with the best Career opportunities that suit to students.

Find the right subject/stream: Students in the 8th or 9th class don’t much care about what they have to choose after their 10th.

MyCareerIdea educational counselor provides students with the required guidance for selecting the right stream/subject as well as courses that will help students in pursuing their chosen career.

Subject & Stream Decider Provide customized assessment and guidance to help students in stream/subject selection for better career fitment.


Rs. 0 /-

  • Basic Interest Assessment
  • 15 Minutes in-depth information of all career
  • 15 Minutes in-depth information of all entrance exams


Rs. 3000 /-

    Initiator +
  • Career Interest Assessment
  • Personality Trait Assessment
  • Aptitude Trait Assessment
  • Intelligence Assessment
  • Suitable Stream Selection
  • One2One Counseling Session
  • 1-month query support from experts

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