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Career Solution Program for Graduate Students

Importance of Career Counseling at college time allows students to broaden their mind that what courses they can opt for apart from their core subjects and helps them decide which internship would benefit their Career. However, what makes Career guidance & counseling important for any college student is to decide what to do after college. Be it taking up a job or studying further MyCareerIdea guidance program for college students helps students decide what to do after college. Career Counseling techniques used in the above program considers various factors such as interests, costs, opportunities, etc, that impact students decision to what to do after college.
There are various examples where students realize while pursuing their degree that their true passion lies somewhere else and they decide to choose Career in that field after college. To guide students about their Careers in a specific field so that they do not make a wrong decision at their crucial juncture in their life MyCareerIdea the educational consultancy will guide students through this whole decision-making process. Our professional Career counselor will also guide students that which path is more beneficial, whether they should take up a job or go for post Graduation based on students current course & interest.
Apart from that, Career Counselors of MyCareerIdea in Delhi NCR also helps students in developing contingency plans in case student do not get admission in the desired course or a job, etc.
Continuing with that, our education consultant in Delhi helps the student in case he/she wishes to change Career goals. Well, in that case, our professional Career counselor helps you decide what to do next(like, you should change your career focus or not & if yes, then what is best to choose first in that Career- doing a course or doing the job).

We have Divided the Career Guidance Program for College Students into two Sections.

1. For students who want to go for Post Graduation education:

MyCareerIdea counselors will help students in their complex problems. For example- a student wants to pursue a course that is completely unrelated to his/her college degree. Our counselor will guide a student to cope with such a situation by providing insight to the student whether changing Career is worth the risk or not. Our experts believe that no single decision is for every student. Also, Decision making is a lot depends on students skills, passion, interest, strength &ability. Our Career counselor with years of experience will guide students in the above situation as well as help students who are clear with their Current course choices but need guidance for after graduation. That whether to do a job or study further.

2. For students who want to work after Graduation:

Our education counselor will help students in their personality development and provide guidance regarding the professional world. Will boost students confidence and prepare them and motivate them for jobs. And will also guide them about what kind of job is best for them and how they can grow further. And should they start studying for greater opportunities in their job or they can easily grab opportunities by giving time in the job field?

How MyCareerIdea Admission Consultancy is Helpful?
  • Using our Career counseling techniques such as Interest test, Aptitude test our Career counselors help you explore your interest and Career opportunities regarding it.
  • Our counselors will help you identify the correct Career according to your interests.
  • Counsel you about the internship and job opportunities in your field to enhance your practical skills.
  • Guide you in developing your personality skills so that you can easily bag opportunities.
  • Our education consultancy in Delhi provides students counseling regarding:

1. Admission in colleges all over India for Post graduation.
2.Admission in colleges outside India after Graduation.
3.And helps students to correctly choose university & specialization for a masters degree in India as well as Abroad.

Career Selection and Development Provide 5-dimentional career assessment and guidance to help student in Career Planning and its development.


Rs. 0 /-

  • Basic Interest Assessment
  • 15 Minutes in-depth information of all career
  • 15 Minutes in-depth information of all entrance exams
  • 15 Minutes in-depth information of all scholarships


Rs. 3000 /-

    Initiator +
  • Career Interest Assessment
  • Personality Trait Assessment
  • Aptitude Trait Assessment
  • Intelligence Assessment
  • Suitable Stream Selection
  • One2One Counseling Session
  • 1-month query support from experts


Rs. 5000 /-

    Pioneer +
  • Course selection
  • Career Planning with shortlisted course
  • College Selection
  • 1-year query support from experts

Super Advanced

Rs. 7500 /-

    Pioneer +
  • Course selection
  • Career Planning with shortlisted course
  • College Selection
  • College Admission Support
  • 1-year query support from experts

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