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Career Solution Program for Professionals

Our Career Consultancy firm in Delhi is for all people and especially for those who are doing jobs and are not happy with it or facing Career crises. Throughout your life, your professional people made a decision to reach where you are today but still, you are not satisfied with your job profession. May your factor for not liking your job be anything( not able to cope with expectations, boss, colleagues, juniors or family) our Career Counseling programmed is designed in a way that whosoever is going through midlife Careers crises can also benefit from our top consultancy in Delhi. Because our Career counselor through years of experience knows that you are never too late to change career even if you are 40. Our professional Career Counseling site which is specialized in Career guidance offers Career guidance for working professionals and facilitates a mid Career change through testing your personality factor & work values. And ‘how is it affecting your Career?’ and ‘why you need Career counseling?’
Not only that our professional Career Counselors guide you about the Career choices you can pursue and if you need a suitable course for it. MyCareerIdea the Career Consultancy firm provides counseling to professionals not just about their work but how can they manage their time, professional & personal relationships by allowing professionals to choose the best Career path(unbiased) provided by our expert counselors.

Why Professional Should Choose MyCareerIdea For Career Counseling?

Our program is divided into 2 categories which are based on professional’s (who are looking for Career counseling) requirement:
1. Ideal Career test :-
  • In this our Career counselor use psychometric test to guide working professionals choose their career.
  • Our expert counselors help you decide the Career that is best suited according to your interest & aptitude based on your psychometric result.
  • Then guide you for opportunities available in the real world. Our recognized Career counselors will guide you in every step, whenever you need them.
2. Professional skill index :-
  • Our program is designed in such a way that will teach you professionals about how to showcase yourself during an interview.
  • Or a counselor will guide you about the high professional skill index & help you in personality development.
  • Using various tests, our Professional Career counselor will help you know your skill parameter by providing a personalized report.
  • And of course, our professional career counselor will guide you step-by-step, so that you can show your high professional skills in an interview.
Work Profile Fitment and Field Selection Provide 5-dimentional career assessment and guidance to help professional in Work Profile Fitment and Field Selection.


Rs. 0 /-

  • Basic Interest Assessment
  • 15 Minutes in-depth information of all career
  • 15 Minutes in-depth information of all entrance exams
  • 15 Minutes in-depth information of all scholarships


Rs. 3000 /-

    Initiator +
  • Career Interest Assessment
  • Personality Trait Assessment
  • Aptitude Trait Assessment
  • Intelligence Assessment
  • Career Recommendation
  • Suitable Stream Selection
  • One2One Counseling Session
  • 1-month query support from experts

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