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Child & Adolescent Counseling

Child & Adolescent Counseling

Like every other human being, children and adolescents also go through emotional distress in their day to day lives. Their way of expressing and communicating it might be very different. During the adolescence period, individuals inevitably face psychological and biological changes. Forming an identity, parental expectations, societal expectations and managing the influence of peers are also very challenging things for some young people. These changes combined with the stresses and demands of life may lead many young people to become delusional, overwhelmed and unable to cope. Children and adolescents, due to lack of knowledge take up temporary stress reduction strategies such as drug and alcohol use which runs the risk of developing into substance abuse behaviours. This is very natural among children these days as they typically take risks and experiment with new things.

Seeking professional help in the form of counseling can be useful as it helps in discovering the doubts and inhibitions that a child or adolescent might be facing. Sometimes, children and adolescents might not be able to share their shortcoming with friends or families because of plenty of reasons, but talking to a professional might help them in getting a way out of their confusion. With techniques and therapies that are curated specially to explore these young minds, child and adolescent counseling session could be the perfect solution to help the child develop properly, without any issues that may hamper his/her growth and positive development. Along with talking to the child, a counselor may also engage with the parents and friends of the child, thereby trying to gain their perspective and insight, and provide a wholesome solution for the child or adolescent. The counselor may even talk to the teachers or school counselors of the child if required.

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