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Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Career coaching is a type of counseling that helps an individual achieve their professional goals. Career Coaches use a solution-oriented strategy to support and guide any person who is in need of career guidance. Simply put, they advise people in defining, redefining, and achieving their professional aspirations and other work-related goals.

Career Coaches can assist people in figuring out what kind of job they’re looking for or help them plan a new career path. They can even direct people in their current employment (whether they are freelancers, employees, or executives), assisting them to advance or develop their stress management abilities, leadership and people skills, as well as conflict-management and self-confidence.

Career Coaches also work with organizations and conduct staff training, development, role changes, and employment-related issues. However, these professionals usually work independently, implying they’ve started their own enterprise-and can advise others do the same. They are, hence, of exceptional help to entrepreneurs who wish to seek some form of mentoring. Additionally, Career Coaches also offer career assistance to organizations, such as workshops and other forms of corporate coaching.

However, career coaches should not be mixed with Guidance Counselors. Guidance counselors deal particularly with students and generally assist them with their educational paths rather than their career paths.

Types of Career Coaching

Limited Outplacement Assistance

Here a person is generally provided with a short, one-on-one coaching; where a person seeks assistance with group networking, seminars and workshops. They provide assistance in writing the resume and provide access to outplacement firm’s online databases to search for potential employers.

Independent Career Transition Coaches

Independent career transition coaches are entrepreneurs who provide personalized career coaching. The only drawback is that the charges may vary drastically. The best option one has is to check the coach’s reputation completely and then talk to various people who have used that coach’s services, view the coach’s website, and talk to several coaches before reaching a final decision.

Career Marketing Firms

It is an institution that recruits a sales crew to find applicants who are desperately seeking a job. Career marketing companies provide face-to-face career coaching; they create personalized marketing matters for the applicant.; They administer help with writing the resume and help find potential job offers.

In Summary

It’s a smart decision to employ efficient learning and career coaching method to warrant and accelerate your success. In other words, there are two important ingredients to people’s decision-making process; emotional and logical. There is no question that a person's in-transition is surrounded by all kinds of emotionally driven thoughts. In a short span of time, the emotions will be subdued by logic. That is the time to make hard decisions. The sooner you get there – the sooner you will get employed. Keep in mind that the most significant career growth and learning in life takes place in the context of supportive trusted advisor relationships. No matter what your circumstances may be, working in partnership with a career coach will have a profound impact and value. If you feel you are capable enough and confident in completing all these steps yourself, great. Go for it! On the other hand, if you feel you need some assistance, we’re always happy to help.

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