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Counseling sessions are meant to resolve problems of a client. Creating a comfortable and trustworthy environment for the client, a counseling session aims to solve the root cause of the problems by building a positive rapport with the client and urging them to share all of their doubts, thoughts and insecurities with any disregard to a judgmental or biased attitude or opinions from the counselor. These sessions aim to find out agents that are causing stress to the client. Since sometimes it is not possible to share our concerns with our friends or family, it always helps to speak with someone who would be able to provide an unbiased opinion and solution for the problem. Seeking a professional help via a counseling session can help a person to identify the latent or hidden causes behind the disrupted behaviors or moods and helps to find a solution that caters the best to it.

Counseling Session will cover:
  • Update knowledge about various available career & course options
  • Make aware of most training courses and field
  • Make aware about offbeat courses
  • Cover all possible career paths
  • Impart knowledge related to various top colleges as per streams and their admission process
  • Discuss some common problems and their solutions related to students

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