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Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a form of talking therapy but is quite different from counseling or psychotherapy. It specifically focuses on personal projects, business-related issues, relationship issues, weight loss, general wellness, work-life balance, etc. Life coaches are similar to personal trainers, except they help you to reach your life goals. The main motive of a life coach is to motivate and inspire their clients, unleash their full potential and help them in reaching their goals. They use specific skills and strategies to help their clients focus on their goals, encourage them, provide direction and support by creating a plan, laying out a roadmap for what to step by step and hold you accountable for implementing it. Unlike a counselor or a therapist, a life coach does not analyze the past or counsel their clients. Everything is based on the present and it’s all about moving forward. There are many different types of coaches such as:

  •   General Life Coaches
  •   Life Balance Coaches
  •   Health Coaches
  •   Business Coaches
  •   Executive Coaches
  •   Relationship Coach
  •   Career coach

General life coach

Helps in client’s career, relationships, spirituality, priorities, productivity, habits, and many more, and focuses on them all or on in particular to enhance productivity and potential

Life balance coach

A life balance coach helps their clients in finding clarity and purpose in their personal or professional life. They dig deep to find out the root cause of poor work-life balance and helps you restore it.

Health Coach

Help people improve their lifestyles by increasing their physical well-being. A health coach actively and safely encourages their clients to engage in behavior change to improve their health. Health coaching is based on scientific interventions and can be delivered to anyone with severe health conditions (ADHD) or those with mild (diabetes) to low health (weight loss) conditions.

Business coaching

A business coach is generally an experienced entrepreneur and business owner themselves. They use their talent and experience to help other aspiring entrepreneurs in areas like branding, mission, audience and strategic business vision to reach their business goals.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is a part of all organizations and one that is most looked over. Most organizations believe that once an employee reaches a senior or executive level they will automatically be able to work under pressure, develop new ideas, keep their skills updated etc, but most of the time that is not the case. In such situations, executive coaching comes into the picture. Executive coaches help develop these skills that help in the delegation, planning, productivity, leadership, and public speaking, etc

Relationship coach

This type of coaching helps people in reaching their personal and relationship goals. They can help their clients in finding a partner for, improving communication and harmony in relationships, build trust and intimacy, stop relationships from being sabotaged.

Career coach

A career coach empowers their clients to make informed decisions about their careers based on the client’s skill, interest, and passion. They may provide services like searching for a job, prepare them for interviews, write good resumes, and get promotions. However, life coaching is not a miracle for curing people’s problems. Life coaching provides a clear vision for selecting their goals. It is a two-way conversation that focuses on action and creating solutions. Life coaches keep in contact make sure you hold yourself accountable with their constant push and helpful reminders so that you can reach your goals.

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