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Company Profile is a complete career development company that focuses on individual and organizational development. It shows the roadmap to achieve their goal. We use various interventions & assessments to assess individuals. We have a pool of experienced psychologist career counselors, career counselors, therapist, research scholars, doctors, and clinical psychologists.

Methods of Counseling:-

One-to-One Counseling Session

Schools/Colleges career seminars

Psychometric testing of Individuals

Professionals training

Career Counseling

Career Counseling is not a new concept. It is continued...

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Our Blog

A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web....

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Career Catalogue

In this section, you can explore various available course related knowledge....

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Entrance Exam

In this section, you can explore various available entrance exam related knowledge....

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We have Certified Counselors and Psychologists
Extensive researched career directory
Customized Psychological Assessment Test
3A Quality Assurance Service Model

Services - What We Offer

Career Counseling Services

Knowledge Talent Search Contest

Certification in Career Counseling


What is Career Guidance & Counseling?

Career guidance & counseling is not a new concept. It is continued from ancient time even this concept was used from Guru-Rishi’s time. That time, Gurus used to give the identity status of students after observing their learning capacity, performance, and behavior, work styles, etc.

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How Career Guide is Changing Lives

  • Madhav Malhotra


    Taking counselling here has really helped and I got many of the answers I was looking for. The counsellors here are very helpful and understanding. They have a very systematic approach towards the work they do and I recommend it to anyone who needs counselling.

  • Priya Sejwal


    Nice experience ...the counselling session was good. You will get to know more about your own self...they will give you career options which will suit your personality....amazing session. Counselor were also very polite n nice.

  • Garima Sikri

    Job Seeker

    “Thanks a lot Mam! Your guidance is really valuable for me and I would look forward to the path that you have shown to me. I am grateful to you ."

  • Ishan Shekhar

    IAS Aspirant

    “Got to know a lot about myself. A very enlightening session. Thanks a lot Ms Gauri Tomar for your kind help and guidance”

  • Sonia D Sadana

    Freelance Training and Development Consultant

    "I was confused I lost and unsure of what I wanted out of my career.I stumbled upon her profile and met Ms Gauri Tomar for an intensive counselling session. She could assess my capabilities and interests and streamlined a lot of options for me."

  • Pooja Madan


    As an intern, i got the opportunity to have real life experience of counseling world. i learnt a lot. All in all i had a very great experience.