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Career counseling is similar to other kinds of counseling, which involves solving career problems and confusions faced by individuals. The core task involved in a professional career counseling session is offering guidance in the best possible way with the help of psychometric tools and assessments that help you in choosing between complex choices and confronting a difficult situation. Career counseling is centred around how the people deal with their journey through life, work (profession) and learning. This includes making career choices, career exploration, overseeing vocation changes, dealing with other career-related issues and lifelong career development.

Career Counseling is not a one-time requirement but is rather a continuous aspect, helping us in many instances in our lives. Hence, it may be used in the following three spectrums:-

Personal Guidance :- Personal counseling helps an individual in the development of decision making, self-understanding, emotional, behavioral & social adjustments and psychological problems. It also helps an individual to counter various problems related to life.

Educational Guidance :- Educational counseling helps students in the subject selection, planning for further education, the adjustment in school/college, providing information about the currently available study opportunities, scholarships and helping them in making good study habits, etc.

Occupational Guidance :- Occupational/professional counseling helps an individual to know their interest, skills, personality, abilities and then help them find a job that’s the best suited for them. It also assists them by providing information related to entrance examinations, training and other information related to jobs, helping them prepare for interviews etc.

Career Counseling is the process that helps individual in personal development, educational support guidance, and occupational support guidance. It is the complete package of individual’s multi-dimensional development.

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