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Career Counseling is not a new concept. It is continued from ancient time even this concept was used from Guru-Rishi’s time. That time, Gurus used to give the identity status of students after observing their learning capacity, performance, and behavior, work styles, etc. despite of their family background. So, after completion of their education, gurus use to give life-knowledge like learning which will never end while everyone should help others who are in need. There were four categories in which students became divided, that are Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra. In the Current scenario, needs and requirements of Individuals always increased day by day, the education system is much more diversified than earlier. Even job options are also wider and selection of right field is very important. So, due to such complexities in individual’s life, they face confusions and career selection problems. Here, the role of career counselor arises. The expectations from counselors are wider in these days due to such complexities.

Career Counseling is a continuous process which starts from birth till death. So, Career Counseling can be used in three spectrums:

Personal Guidance :- Personnel counseling is the type that helps an individual in the development of decision making, self-understanding, emotional, behavioral & social adjustments, and psychological problems. It also helps an individual to counter various problems related to life.

Educational Guidance :- Educational counseling is the type that helps students in subject selections, planning for further education, the adjustment in school/college, give knowledge about available study opportunities, scholarships and making good habits of study, etc.

Occupational Guidance :- Occupational/professional counseling is the process that helps an individual to know their interest, ability, inspirations to find a suitable job, to avail information about the entrance, training & other information related to jobs, Interview preparation, etc.

Career Counseling is the process that helps individual in personal development, educational support guidance, and occupational support guidance. It is the complete package of individual’s multi-dimensional development.

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