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Methods Of Career Counseling

Methods of Career Counseling

    One to One counseling

    One to One Counseling is called a face to face counseling as well. In this method, the interaction between counselor and one counselee at a single time. It is treated as the most important and effective method of counseling in which counselee has sufficient time and freedom to elaborate on all problems and get counseled effectively. This method is beneficially to counsel individuals having specific problems. It is a time-consuming method.

    Group Counseling

    Group Counseling is the method of counseling which used to counsel common problems of group members. Groups can consist of 5 to 10 members. Group counseling is a platform that discusses the only common problem of the group. It is a time-saving method.

    Classroom Counseling

    Classroom counseling is the method of counseling that used to address current general problems and various career options and opportunities available in the system. By this counseling method, it is easy to identify common problems and who else requires specific counseling. Groups can be consists of 50 to 100 members. This method widely used in Schools/Colleges.


    The seminar is the method of counseling and is the same as classroom counseling, the only difference is the attendance that means, seminar address more than 500 students at the same time.

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