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Roadmap Of Career Planning

Career Planning is the process that starts from exploration of career options available and help individuals to know their career decisive traits like, interest, ability, personality, aptitude and accordingly career fitment suggestion of courses and further guidance towards right job.

Steps Of Career Planning:-

Career Search Self-AssessmentDiscovering Suitable Career FitmentSelection Of Suitable Courses/StreamsSelection Of College And Admission GuidanceOccupational Guidance.

Career Search

It is an unprejudiced search of all available career opportunities and makes aware to the students for their knowledge.


Self-Assessment is the technique which analyzes individual’s traits like Interest, ability, personality, aptitude, etc. that plays an important role in a career decision. It also helps to discover inner-talent and potential.

Discovering Suitable Career Fitment

After the assessment, a trait of individuals identified. So, according to those traits, matched or suitable career option discovered from available career opportunities.

Selection of Suitable courses/streams

From the bunch of suitable career option availability, Individual has to select course/stream which is suitable for their future.

Selection of College and admission guidance

After stream selection, the finding of right college is very important. There are lots of points needs to taking care while opting college like their academic performance, placements, environment, achievements, exposure to the students and more importantly student’s financial status. So after selection of a college, admission help will take place that includes filling application, fees payment, and scholarship information.

Occupational Guidance

Once student passed from college, they need occupational guidance. Occupational guidance helps the students to identify the right job and area of work as per their specialized course and area of interest. In this, Student updated with eligibility criteria, the process for application, work role, and required traits for further career development in the job.