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Spending Your Gap Year In The Best Way 
Date:  7 Aug 2019
Posted by Yukti Jindal

Completing your 12th is a very exhilarating journey for every student. It is one big moment of change after which life does not remain the same. But sometimes, what is required is a break after all this chaotic schedule. While there can be many reasons for taking a gap year, the most common reason is not getting the course or college of your choice right after your 12th.
Though some of us settle with alternate subjects or colleges, there are some between us who believe in dropping a year, preparing harder, and trying again next year for the course/college of our choice. But one may feel that dropping after 12th and taking a gap year may not be the wisest decision. But this time of gap between our lives can be spent in the right way and the time can be channelized in the right direction in a very systematic manner with proper time management. While preparing from the exam you actually might have taken a gap year for is the primary objective, you can also indulge in some other tasks and activities to spend your gap year more effectively.

The following could be some of the ways in which you can spend your gap year if you are also preparing for some exam/course .

Rejuvenate Yourself

In the busy lives that we now spend, it is very difficult to takeout time for ourselves. In fact, after giving the tedious board exams, a break for self is much needed. If you are taking a gap year, take out some time for yourself. Read the book you had wanted to read for a long time but could not or make a trip to the place you had always wanted to visit. When you invest some time on yourself, you would feel highly motivate and would be fresh to concentrate on your professional life after that.


Volunteer For Some Cause

If you are taking a gap year, associating yourself in some volunteer work could also be very beneficial. You would not only get the satisfaction of helping out some people but would also learn some life-skills. Getting in touch with reality and being a part of some change will always be a good way to spend your time. Added to this, social work may also look good on your CV.

Engage In Some Training

Instead of sitting at home for the entire year and thinking of ways to spend your time, you can indulge in some training or workshops which might help you in future in your professional life. Look out for organizations or institutions that provide training in your field. While short term courses would be more beneficial, you can also opt for long-term courses if you think that is best for them.


Learn A New Language

This time could be the best to learn a new language. It will not only be an added skill for you but also learning a new language actually helps to strengthen your memory. According to researches, when you learn the same word again and again in different languages, your memory power increases. Moreover, speaking a little Espangol or Français or any other language could also provide you with some internal satisfaction.

Boost Your CV With An Internship


Pursuing an internship related to your field is always helpful. It helps you get in touch with the ground reality of your course and also gives you a chance to understand the nuances in your subject. It also gives you a platform to gain exposure and apply all the theoretical knowledge that you have studied practically. Moreover, mentioning your internships on your CV is also very beneficial. Hence, taking a gap year after your 12th or in fact at any point in your life is never bad. It only depends on the way you utilize your time and whether you spend it in a constructive way or not. You can also seek some help on ways to spend your time effectively by contacting us on .