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IILM Academy of Higher Learning Greater Noida

About College

Today, engineering education stands at the crossroads of keeping pace with the emerging needs of mankind & the fast-changing trends in governance & scientific development. Emphasis on learning than teaching, relevance to industry & nation development are the thrust area of IILM Academy of Higher Learning. This academy is committed to responsive & responsible education with the objective of creating global technology leaders.

As a young student you have your dreams, aspirations & expectations. On the other hand the global industry has very high expectation from the young Indian technocrats & entrepreneurs, which has emerged from the fact that the CEOs of leading technological companies across the globe are from India. IILM is well placed to provide wings to your dreams & work as a bridge for you to meet the expectations of the industry. This would be possible only if we go beyond the college curriculum & train ourselves by gainfully utilizing the short-time at our disposal.

There is a need to reorganize, restructure & rejuvenate as per the needs & demand of the prevailing market scenario. This implies providing more opportunities to our students, create more innovative courses, improve infrastructure, laboratories & computational facilities. Importance of research must be inculcated in our minds to bring our country at the hub of excellent industrial connections. In due course, we shall strive to merge teaching & research into one body. It is very clear that in order to be organized as a fully functional & contributing academy we need to devote time to both teaching & research equitably since the students benefit enormously from both. We are committed to nurturing juvenile minds & preparing them for challenges of today’s globalized technocrats. I would like to take this opportunity to persuade all the students to use their time with professors & teaching staff fruitfully, to develop their own proficiency.

The IILM Vision focuses on the students. The student is at the center of all our endeavors. IILMS is oriented & is being regularly geared up to provide such platform to the students so that they not only meet the expectations but exceed the expectations of the industry. Various skilling short-term courses are in the pipeline which is the burning needs of the industry today. These courses will help to establish your acceptance in the industry. We are committed to provide excellent leaders to the industry. For which appropriate courses beyond the university syllabus are being introduced.

IILM-CET will not only strive to train the students to become excellent scientists, technologists, thinkers & leaders of the society, but also help them mould themselves into better human beings. I am confident that you will use this opportunity to realize your full potential & bring out the best in you. The excellent academic environment & the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities will also help you in developing a good personality. I firmly believe that your education at IILM-CET will be a fulfilling experience fruitful & enjoyable in every aspect. The experience you gain & the moments spent here will be cherished by you throughout your life.

When Indian economy opened up its doors in 1991 after the advent of LPG, there commenced a sudden need for huge manpower skilled in the field of Engineering & Management. To face the challenges of global competition; far-sightedness of our founding fathers has made them forecast the trends and decide to put their best foot forward.

IILM was then set up as a magnificent institution to impart quality education in the field of Engineering and Management. The idea was to equip young people with the latest knowledge along with exact managerial & technical skills so that they can make a meaningful contribution to the economy in the years to come.
Currently Ranked among the top 15 Business schools in the country IILM has more than 25 successful years behind.

We believe in the education system which incorporates- professionalism in students, instillin them a desire to work hard and bestow accurate management skills while keeping them connected with the ground reality at the same time.Our unmatched work culture lay stress on creating ‘centers of excellence’ through its academic programs, delivery and thus, creating the right ambiance for the two-way teaching-learning process.

IILM Academy of Higher Learning, Greater Noida was set up on 1st April 2001 as an extension to the same series to nurture young minds and inculcate in them a real business sense.

Our renowned institutions- College of Engineering & Technology, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, School of Business Management and College of Management Studies have focused to fast-track the promising career path of our students without compromising with excellence and create them as exemplary industrialist for tomorrow.

College Edge
  • IILM has NBA accredited, highly sophisticated laboratories with world class infrastructure.
  • Encourage students to take part in innovation, idea generation & product development
  • Facilitate innovative products that may be useful for society
  • Provide support for bringing student’s innovative idea into a product
  • Exhibit product output of student innovation projects
  • With over 200+ leading companies across the Nation visit IILM, Greater Noida campus every year
  • Entire IILM campus is under CCTV surveillance

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  • Location: Greater Noida
  • Course: PGDM
  • Accreditation: Dr. A.P.J.A.K.T.U
  • Eligibility: 50 % overall upto graduation
  • CAT: 50 percetile
  • XAT: 50 percetile
  • MAT: 50 percetile
  • Course Fee: Rs.12.90 Lacs for Two Years.

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