Since 2010 the number of students getting admission in too Medical Universities to pursue MBBS is increasing every year. The reason behind Poland becoming a favorable place for pursuing MBBS(especially for Indian Students) is an affordable fee structure with the best quality education, flexibility for Indian students in joining any Medical University to pursue MBBS which are WHO and MCI recognized Medical Universities. Along with these factors, there are many other factors that will encourage you to pursue MBBS in Poland. For that, let’s together know a little bit about Poland, Some knowledgeable facts about MBBS in Poland, Its fee structure, Eligibility, Admission process & Top medical colleges in Poland. Get admission in Poland Medical Universities, offering fee structure 4X cheaper than India.

MBBS in Poland: An Overview

Poland is officially known as the “Republic of Poland” and recognized as one of the countries with the fastest growing economies. Poland is known for its WHO recognized Medical Universities which provides world-class education and is ranked 23rd by OECD in Programme for International Student Assessment, Poland is also known as a growth leader among all 36 OECD member states. Apart from that Poland citizens are friendly to foreigners, which makes it a secure place to pursue your MBBS.