5 key roles Hotel Management institutions play in the career of students

Mar 5 2019 10:41AM

Hotel Management is a professional course which moulds students to become thorough hospitality professionals at the end of the course. A professional course helps develop students in their practical and theoretical knowledge. The technical education in hospitality helps in creating trained and experienced manpower for the Industry.

The students are also exposed to Industrial training during their three years of education to get a know how of the practicalities of the hotel industry and help students develop a liking for a department they would choose to work for after completing the course.

Hospitality management involves controlling and directing of human and material resources in hotels, lodging facilities, cruise liners, tourism locations and recreational centres.

The number of opportunities in hotels and food service businesses all over the world is enormous. Given these innumerable job opportunities, the demand for hospitality management graduates has been in high demand in the recent years.

1. Trains you with industry-ready skills

The hospitality management programme has been specifically designed to equip students with necessary industry-ready skills. Students are trained in both technical and management skills in the area of hospitality.

Soft skills and etiquette training help students glide smoothly through the personality required in the hospitality industry.

2. Rapidly growing industry gives you career perks

The hospitality industry is among the fastest growing industries today and most graduates are able to find jobs as soon as they graduate.

Most hospitality graduates find jobs before they complete the course in the sixth semester, Students are placed successfully through hotel management colleges in leading hotels, airlines, resorts, hospitals, cruise ships, convention centres and at conference facilities.

Despite the enormous number of job opportunities, there is a dearth of skilled staff in the industry. Hospitality students find it easy to work in India and abroad, international brands setting up hotels or merging with hotel companies makes the industry complex, leaves an impact on the local economy and an increase in demand for hospitality professionals.

3. Offers you self-employment opportunities

Todays young generation is more inclined to start up a business of their own. Food trucks are operated as in and around the city, providing a fresh and hygienic menu. Students good at culinary skills are choosing this option as it benefits in terms of time management, space and capital investments.

Home stays are becoming popular in tourist destinations, providing tourists with a comfortable stay with an experience, the latest interesting home stay is a slum stay and a lot of foreign tourists are attracted to the concept.

Service apartments have become popular for corporate clients, where employees who are expected to travel often are offered an home style apartment with all basic amenities are provided.

4. Gives you travel opportunities

The knowledge and skills acquired from the hospitality management course can be used worldwide, which gives students the opportunity to apply for hospitality jobs in any country they choose.

Hospitality students are equipped to work on cruise liners and travel and tour companies.

5. Trains you in customer service

In todays corporate world, customer service is the key; our students are well trained to take up any customer service related jobs, in any corporate houses, Automobile Industry, Airline, Hospitals, Banking and Retail.

Hotel Management faculty mentor and guide students in all core areas of hotel operations which would help one find a job in Five star Hotels, Resorts, Budget Hotels, Service apartments, Luxury and comfort stays.

The main four pillars of the hotel are Food Production -- where culinary professionals display their art and skill in cooking various delectable dishes, along with Food plating, Food styling, Food photography and the latest -- cooking with a twist where every chef would like to add uniqueness to his or her preparation.

A chefs career can start from a junior chef, and climb the career ladder as Chef de partie, Sous chef, executive chef, Director Food and beverage and many more.

The demand for Hospitality students will continuously be on the rise with an increase in demand for diet plans, Veganism, new trends in the food and beverage industry, and an increase in travel and awareness of the common man.

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