Amit Shah to Launch BJP Lok Sabha Campaign in Telangana on March 6

Mar 5 2019 10:25AM

Hyderabad: BJP Chief Amit Shah would launch the partys campaign for the coming Lok Sabha elections in Telangana with a meeting to be held at Nizamabad on March 6, state BJP president K Laxman said here on Monday.

"National president Amit Shah ji is going to come for the meeting to be held on 6th in Nizamabad cluster. Along with this meeting, he is going to start the election campaign in Telangana," he said.

The party has divided Lok Sabha constituencies in the state into different clusters.

Laxman said there was no leader in other parties who could match Prime Minister Narendra Modi and added that though people voted for TRS in the assembly elections, they wanted to see Modi as PM again.

On TRS working president K T Rama Raos comments that TRS would ensure a better deal for Telangana by winning 16 Lok Sabha seats (of the total 17; leaving Hyderabad held by AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi), Laxman said people of Telangana know that TRS cannot get the Prime Ministers post even if it wins not just 16, but 20 Lok Sabha seats.

"If there is anyone who can match Modi, Rama Rao should specify who it is ", he said.

TRS has to make it clear whom it would support (post the Lok Sabha elections), the Congress or any other party, he said.
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