Appraisal 2019: How much salary hike do Indians want in top cities?

Apr 16 2019 10:30AM, one of India largest job portals, recently conducted a first-of-its-kind appraisal survey in India focusing on the expectations of employees instead of a top-down HR or company led perspective. The survey was conducted across working professionals from various industries including IT, Banking and Finance, Industrial products, education/training, FMCG etc.

In a comparison between salary raise expectations among employees in metro cities, the leading job search platform found some interesting insights.

Which cities did the appraisal survey focus on?

The respondents of the survey were majorly located in leading metro cities including Mumbai (19.49%), Delhi/NCR (20.89%), Bangalore (20.08%), Hyderabad (16.43%), Pune (9.34%) and Chennai (11.64%).

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