Microsoft Garage, IIIT Hyderabad in pact for lecture series on quantum computing

Apr 11 2019 11:15AM

Quantum computers have the capacity to solve complex problems within weeks, days, and even minutes that would otherwise take regular computers billions of years. This has massive implications for research in healthcare, energy, environmental systems, smart materials, and more. It also creates a need to build a quantum-ready workforce well versed in quantum computing skills.

Towards this, Microsoft Garage India has partnered with International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (IIITH) to run a series of lectures on quantum computing starting March 29, 2019. These lectures are part of a course offered as a pool elective for BTech and MTech students. Microsoft will provide the scholars practical experience in quantum computing and quantum algorithms with access to the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit and Microsoft.

Leveraging Microsoft strength in quantum programming and algorithms, Microsoft experts will participate in lectures for three weeks on Quantum Information and Computation—an integrated IIIT course which includes practical projects as part of the curriculum. Through Q# and the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit, students will have access to Microsoft GitHub resources and katas, samples and libraries.

Microsoft began its quantum programme more than 15 years back and, today, has a worldwide community of experimentalists, developers, theoreticians, and computer scientists working to deliver its approach to quantum computing. “This collaboration of Microsoft Garage India and IIIT Hyderabad is part of our continued effort to enrich the innovation journey of engineering students and make technology more accessible,” says Krysta Svore, general manager of quantum software at Microsoft.

Commenting on the partnership, PJ Narayanan, director, IIIT-Hyderabad adds, “Quantum computing is an emerging area of the future. We have a small but vibrant team of faculty and students who work on this area. Collaboration with Microsoft plays a critical role in taking IIIT research and expertise to a new level. Our students will receive hands-on experience for practical project work on solutions which can impact society.”

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