Randeep Hooda: As a village boy, I have grown up around animals

Mar 6 2019 10:41AM

Connecting with this reporter to discuss Randeep Hooda,s dramatic weight loss of 18 kilos in 28 days for Sarbjit (2016), the actors nutritionist-sister Anjali Hooda-Sangwan had then revealed that even on an appetite of an apple and coffee, Hooda would make a peculiar request.

While she preferred that he limit even regular movement - restricting his activity to shooting and resting alone - the actor wished to indulge in horse-riding while on the almost zero-calorie diet.

His request, though instantly turned down, is telling of his fervent desire to participate in a sport that only recently bagged him a silver medal at the National Equestrian Championship. Hooda takes us through how horse-riding enables him to stay in shape, and the physical activities he takes to, to up his game on the field.

The introduction
As a village boy, I,ve grown up around animals, including cattle and buffaloes, and have harboured a love for them. I was first taken by the concept of horse-riding when I saw Clint Eastwood on a horse [in films], and began romanticising the image.

When I was [in college], I was taught the sport by Army men. Having given it up later, I was introduced to it again after 18 years while working with Naseer sir [Naseeruddin Shah] in theatre. He told me about a club I could enrol at to practice horse-riding, and that changed my life.

I travel from Yari road to Mahalakshmi every day. The best part about the sport is that horses dont know if youre doing well in your career or not. They just respond to you.
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