Taunting Oppn Over 40 PM Faces, BJP Releases Phir Ek Baar Modi Sarkar Song With Focus on One Captain

Apr 8 2019 12:59PM

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party on Sunday launched its campaign theme songs. While the main song focuses on phir ek baar Modi sarkar, the other three talks about their development plank.

Launching the theme song, Jaitley said that the first theme song is kaam karne waali sarkaar (a government that works 24x7), the second is imaandar sarkaar (a trustworthy government with a vision for future) and the third song is bade faisle lene waali sarkaar (a government that takes decisive action). He added that the main song is phir ek baar Modi sarkar.

"We want a government with one captain and not a team of 11 members with 40 captains. People now have to choose between a proven decisive government and a mahamilawat one," Jaitley said.

Earlier in the day, Congress also launched its campaign for the Lok Sabha elections with a song — Ab Hoga Nyay — a slogan that is woven around the flagship Basic Minimum Income Scheme Nyay. It also indicates the "anyaya" (injustice) that the country had to go through under the BJP-rule.

Reacting to their poll documents, Jaitley said, "I am surprised that Congress manifesto did not have anything for the Indian middle class, which is so aspirational. He added that there is "fundamental difference" between BJP and other parties — "under PM Modi we have worked 24x7 for five years".

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