Tips on how you can become globally competent in this connected world

Mar 15 2019 11:21AM

As a student, it is highly likely that your career on graduation could extend up to more than 50 years. During that time, you will be buying products from the world, selling to the world, will work for companies with global connections, compete and collaborate with people from other cultures and maybe help to solve global problems. Doing this successfully requires you to become "globally competent".

What does global competence mean? The Asia Society Centre for Global Education defines the four main competencies that students need to develop:

1. Investigating the world: They should be curious to learn about other countries and cultures

2. Recognizing perspectives: They need to be aware that people from other cultures may not share the same views as them, and to appreciate that fact.

3. Communicating ideas: They can convey their thoughts using verbal and non-verbal techniques effectively to diverse audiences

4. Taking action: Students need to use their global knowledge and skills to get involved in projects that make a difference to the world.

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