Want to be a CEO for a month? This company unique challenge might get you a 6-figure salary

Apr 15 2019 10:34AM

The CEO for One Month 2019 programme is open for young people in 47 countries to give the participants real-world training as business leaders that cannot be gained in school or university. This programme by the Adecco Group, now in its sixth year, is an ideal launching pad for personal and professional development as it gives you a direct experience of what the job role of a CEO is like.

How will the CEO for One Month 2019 programme work?

1. Applications for the programme are being filed in 47 countries all over the world. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview and further assessment in their own country.

2. Selected candidates will attend a country-level boot camp which will kick off around mid-May.

3. The India finalist for the country level of the programme will complete a national CEO for One Month assignment, shadowing Marco Valsecchi, Country Manager and MD, The Adecco Group India. The Indian finalist who is expected to embark on his/her internship in June will also receive a remuneration of Rs 1,60,000.

4. Once a finalist has been selected from each country on completion of their internship, the country-level CEOs for One Month can apply for an opportunity to be the single top finalist - the Global CEO for One Month.

5. This entails multiple assignments and a selection process which finally enlists the top 10 finalists who will be then invited to London for a rigorous boot camp in mid-September.

6. The London boot camp will test their collaboration and innovation skills and to learn about themselves and the world of work. They receive ongoing guidance and professional opportunities to help them become part of a global network.

7. Only one final candidate will then be selected to work alongside The Adecco Group Global CEO, Alain Dehaze, for one month.

8. In addition to the experience in running a multinational company with 34,000 employees, the Global CEO for One Month will also receive a remuneration of 15,000 euros (around Rs 11.74 lakh) intended to support the successful candidate education and/or professional development.

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