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In new education policy UGC Preparing to hold two degrees simultaneously

Jan 30 2020 12:52PM

Efforts have once again boosted up for the biggest change in higher education. UGC, The University Grants Commission is assigning the duty to academics to allow two-degree courses simultaneously. After this new policy, you will be able to do two degrees from the same university or from different university-colleges at the same time. It is anticipated that this can be implemented by including it in the new education policy.

For the last 8-10 years in Indian education, these efforts are going on that two degrees can be done simultaneously but this change has not transformed into reality. The Ministry of Human Resource Development has taken several major decisions in the last few months. Some changes are being made to make Indian education at par with international standards. Churn is going on once again for a change of two degrees. These new changes are being introduced for mobility in higher education.

In this way, after the implementation of this formula of UGC, any student can do the diploma, advance diploma, certificate course, postgraduate diploma in regular or distance mode while pursuing a regular degree course. These courses can be done at the same time from one or different universities. Rules will be relaxed for this.

Two regular degrees will not be allowed:

While studying the regular degree course, a regular degree will not be allowed in the second course. The second-degree course will either be from distance education or can be done online or part-time. While studying a regular degree, a second degree can be done simultaneously through distance from any university.

The career will get a boost :

While continuing a degree in any subject, having an advanced diploma or certificate course in it at the same time can give an enormous growth to your career. You will save time and boost your profile as much as you want.

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